A Not for Profit Medical Research Foundation

Dedicated to the Memory of Fred Plon and Jay Shumsky

Healing The World

HEALINGTHEWORLD.org will be registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation focused on the eradication of all forms of disease. After 13 years of medically observable responses in a global patient base, the foundation will continue to gather critical clinical evidence to support the medically proven fact that mammals have inherent intelligence within their DNA and RNA molecules to heal all disease states when properly modulated by coherent light.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of Allergy and Infectious Disease for the National Institutes of Health stated that new approaches in biomedical research to address AIDS and other infectious diseases need to be found. He welcomed new investigations and specifically stated that they are seeking an atomic answer, recognizing that there is something unknown in the conventional science of today. Dr. Fauci went on to state “Drugs just block the disease response; they do not immunize against the underlying disease, nor cure it”.

In addition, the foundation will seek to support its medically proven treatise entitled: “Integrative Homeostasis: A Unified Field Theory” concerning subtle energy, coherent light and their effects on cellular memory restoration, genetic silencing and perfected homeostasis.

The Wisdom Project

The primary focus of the Foundation’s annual activities will be The Wisdom Project. An example of the program would be an FDA approved forty-person study over one year with an AIDS clinic or a cancer center. Healing The World staff members will work with doctors, scientists and clinicians to develop assays that will gather and analyze critical data continuing to prove the efficacy of IMMUNIZE•OLOGY® and its underlying scientific, medically proven treatise, “Integrative Homeostasis: A Unified Field Theory.”

The participants in the various studies will have the option to take IMMMUNIZE•OLOGY® indefinitely. The foundation will enroll these individuals into long term observational groups studying the beneficial effects of modulation/genetic silencing over extended periods of time.

Educational Objective

The various clinical trials will provide data supporting the effectiveness of IMMUNIZE•OLOGY®. The results of these continuing trials will be published in medical journals with educational commentary by authoritative experts. This information will be made available by the foundation to teaching hospitals, medical universities, medical professionals and students.

Integrative Homeostasis: A Unified Field Theory has been proven over 13 years of R and D in clinical and non clinical settings with a global population. This is the most important medical breakthrough of the twenty-first century and clearly illustrates that, when properly modulated with light, the DNA/RNA molecules can and do heal all forms of dysfunction/disease.

Therefore, Healing The World must be and will be the leader in dissemination of this new medical information based on the science of quantum physics, electro genetics and a new form of integrative mathematics. Healing The World is introducing an entirely new and integrative medical paradigm.

Integrative Homeostasis: A Unified Field Theory

Over the past century, conventional medical science has focused on breaking systems down to find their underlying parts, then analyzing these parts in as much detail as possible. Using this approach, knowledge fields have been artificially fragmented to determine how the components interact with one another. Despite this detailed investigation, understanding even the most obvious features of behavior has remained a mystery.

Healing The World will help support a new form of revolutionary integrative medical science. Obvious features of behavior will be understood through examination of elaborate ideas, distilling their essence into something amazingly simple. Integrative Homeostasis: A Unified Field Theory will demonstrate how an extraordinary amount of fragmented scientific and medical data can be combined into a very simple mathematical principal. The principal illustrates how DNA and RNA molecules, when properly modulated with coherent light, produce genetic silencing and, finally, a state of perfected homeostasis.

Healing The World plans to demonstrate that the immune system behaves in a consistent manner no matter the perceived inconstancies of the disease state. This suggests that there are simple universal principals that affect health, such as frequency modulation through subtle energy application.